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 Hamid Reza Poureslami, Full Professor and Head of Department of Pediatric Dentistry, Dental School, Kerman University of Medical Sciences. Kerman, IRAN. E-mail:



-          I have worked as Dental Hygienist since 1986 till 1992.

-          I have worked as Dentist ( General Practitioner) for 7 months in 1996.

-          I have worked as Pedodontist (Specialist in Pediatric Dentistry) since 1999 till present.


  AWARDS & GLORIES:        

-            I have received the National Golf Smile Award for the efforts in the field public dental health & promotion oral health in 2010.

-            I have obtained the 3rd place at the Tehran Annual Dental Symposium for publishing a scientific paper in 2009.

-            I have been chosen as the premier lecturer in educational domain at the 2nd Kerman Educational Festival in 2009.

-            I have been chosen as the premier researcher of Kerman Dental School in 2008.

-            I have been chosen as the premier dentist according some criteria such as: following scientific principles and scales, respecting the patients by Kerman Medical Services Insurance Organization during academic year 2006-2007.

-            I have been awarded a scholarship by the Ministry of Health and Medical education to continue my education in the field Preventive Dentistry in Amsterdam (spring & summer 2006).




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-           Chairman the Scientific Seminar: New findings in Pediatric Dentistry. Kerman June2007.

-           Member of Scientific Committee of Iranian Association of Pediatric Dentistry from 2001 till present.

-           Member of Kerman Oral and Dental Diseases Research Centre from 2007 till present.

-           Member of national board of post graduate examinations of pediatric dentistry major from 2009 till present.

-          Co-chairman the “Oral poster discussion session Cariology/Prevention/Fluoride” at the European Academy of Pediatric Dentistry congress. June2010. 











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